online hula lessons from hawaii

online hula lessons from hawaii

online hula lessons from hawaiionline hula lessons from hawaii

About Me


As a dancer for over 35 years, learning the hula has been a process, one that was not so easy at times. But as my understanding & awareness of the hula developed, along with my passion for this dance, my hula skills grew and a desire to teach others began.

Dancing the hula is more than just displaying a skill or telling a story - it's about sharing your heart and giving a gift to others that is unique and memorable. Hula is for any occasion: a celebration, remembering someone special, dancing with friends or a family member, or simply for personal enjoyment.


Becoming a Kumu Hula was not something I chose for myself, but a very special gift handed down to me. With the gifts and talents that I have been entrusted with, along with the careful guidance from my own Kumu Hula, the  wisdom, knowledge, cultural practices and love for this unique art are now gifts for me to share with others.  

The gift of teaching paired with a heart for others to learn, helps me to carry on the traditions and stories of the hula. Knowing the difficulties & challenges I had in learning, I've come up with a easy to learn format, for anyone to learn how to hula. 

With iHula Hawaii, I now get to share the hula with as many who are willing to learn. Whether it's on O‘ahu teaching my own halau, or online with you...hula will always be a gift to share.


Hula IS meant to share. It is not something to be kept hidden, but rather a way for us to communicate stories, feelings and emotions in a special and unique way, as well as give a gift or "makana" to someone special that is unique and extraordinar.

If you're new to learning the hula, or returning to it, find someone to hula with. It's more fun when you get to share this experience with someone. Happy hula!